About Us

TRD UK Ltd is a UK based novelty firm that never ever breaks or hold back inventing new ideas to deliver best quality and service. More than the years, TRD’s innovative abilities of delivering have just enhanced the routine life for millions of people of European countries especially for UK residents. TRD UK Ltd is delivering services from UK to all European countries, by delivering simpler and easier, made transferring safer, and made customer needs lighter and less prices than market. TRD UK Ltd is recognized as a registered online trading company in UK the registered address is 27- York Road, New Barnet, EN5 1LL, its registration number is 07586536.

TRD UK Ltd is a UK based online trading company which is recognized and registered company worldwide. The registration number of TRD is 07586536.

From our originations as a meager trading group named TRD started in 2010, now becomes the largest company in UK, also have largest online electronic store TRD Electronics, which has emerged to an elite trading online store that stretched over the technological gadgets. Our explorations, discoveries and advanced products have acknowledged us to be a leader in the world of gadgets, uniformly pushing the trading corporations forward. Moreover, TRD also has online store on world’s best online platform eBay under the name TRD UK Cameras.

Our mission is straightforward: It’s providing you the flexibility to take new excursions; to uncover advanced experiences; to command of your world. It’s the ability to link what your today is and what you want your tomorrow will.

TRD Electronics has always called astute and polite faculty in order to reply your queries, form suggestions and convey quick fix. Our products are available on our updated website with the latest technology, the first-rate accords and plethora facts and tips to assist you conclude for your own. In fact, our brilliant and mannerly staff is our noble assets, because these appreciative assets create a stretching variation.

TRD Electronics offer first-rated products with standard quality at reasonable rates than other industrial rates. One more thing, just because that TRD Electronics offer lowest rates doesn't mean that we scrimp on our standard services. In fact, offering best quality products at affordable rates is just to fulfill the TRD’s standard of “Customer Care”, that we features our services to utilize our shopping competence to delivered the quality deals to our customers.

TRD Electronics has made the purchasing tactics more convenient for its customers by providing all world-class gadgets and valuable information in just one wrapper. TRD Electronics claims to be enthusiastic about its advanced products, and provide a matching long list of products that our customers really need to own. And TRD Electronics aims to deliver more quality and standard products in future.

Why To Choose TRD Electronics?

There exists a lot of reasoning to choose TRD Electronics to select product. The primary reason is that TRD Electronics have just draw the best and biggest collection-over 100's products in commonplace and available to dispatch with in an exact compassionate lapse of time from TRD warehouse facility formerly based in North London. One of the most substantial quality to be selling online is to be candid and reliable, just unlike most online traders we hold our merchandise in UK with miscellaneous selection specks across London with absolute terms and conditions "Reserve and collect" the product after being convinced with it.

TRD Electronics’ crew has always been the enormous asset in the company’s ongoing success history. TRD Electronics always aims to create a selection between the outright path on the long ride of technology and commonplace crew and mediocre advanced technology, and always been successful in choosing mediocre faculty in every field.

Luckily, TRD Electronics have evolved with such competencies that TRD not need to form choices. In fact, TRD Electronics have linked considerable crew with latest and advanced technology which definitely means delightful and agreeable understanding for the customer. TRD Electronics take its start with a professional, gentle, capable and appreciative person on call. TRD Electronics provide great assistance to its customers whether the surfing customer is new in buying experience of even a camcorder, adjoin a lens, or buying any other product from our vast range of advanced technological products.

TRD Electronics have accompanied the huge range of latest resources to get its customers what the customer actually need. TRD also take complete responsibility for the transactions made by our cardholders and customers and promise to deliver original product on time. Besides it, TRD Electronics provide such an environment that is totally based on customer’s satisfaction and culture of customer care that will no doubt make it a hassle-free experience which TRD Electronics guarantees.



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