Best Top-Selling Smartphones of 2016 Cover

Best Top-Selling Smartphones of 2016

The first few months of 2016 have been marked by a swerve of high-profile Smartphone launches. A severe battle is being fought in the Android battlegrounds with Samsung, LG, HTC and Huawei all striving for a chance to claim. In the meantime, Apple amazed everyone with the release of a powerful and affordable new iPhone.

As the time goes on, and with such rigid competition phone makers have long attempted to get one-up on each other, either through original novelty. Happily all of the facts therefore far points to this trend continuing - 2016 has already seen the companies taking a chance to get in the competition. Like LG researching with the modular G5, HTC updates its Ultra Pixel technology and Huawei offering a Leica dual-lens camera.

We've accumulated a list of the best selling Smartphones of 2016 that have already been launched. Let’s have a look to this Smartphone. It will help everyone to stay up to the date of new and latest technology in Smartphone’s world. You can also find best rates from our site with 100% brilliant quality and incomparable rates.

HTC 10:


HTC 10 is a phone for those who are serious when it comes to audio.HTC has improved the Boom Sound speaker technology as of its predecessor. HTC 10 is designed with dual speakers with a dedicated and amp which help to deliver an experience that boasts outstanding clarity.  The earphones are also worthy of the time they are very comfortable as well as when it is plugged into HTC 10’s double-powered headphone amp you will feel the professional, hi-end sound quality. HTC has always given their best to its customer where everyone is satisfied by their quality and technology.

It is also remarkable for being the first device to embrace android marshmallow. It has full adaptable storage of 32/64GB and extendable up to 2TB. These amazing features of HTC 10 make it an unremarkable contender to the likes Samsung, LG and Apple for Smartphone of the year.

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LG G5:


LG isn't exactly the most traditional of Smartphone makers – but have a look at the unique leather back on last year's LG G4. The firm may have beaten itself with the LG G5's exchangeable hardware modules.

Launched at MWC 2016, the 5.3in LG G5 contains a "Magic Slot" that allows users to switch functionality-adding modules in and out; these add-ons include the LG Cam Plus, which provides a camera grip and a secondary 1,100mAh battery, and the LG Hi-Fi Plus, which  features a larger, improved speaker. Moreover several frequent features from the G4, such as a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, QHD display, and a 16MP camera. The LG G5 has been updated with an aluminum uni-body. It has Qualcomm's new octa-core Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM.

Huawei P9:


Huawei has enjoyed a good completion in last few years. Huawei already impressed us with the Apple-baiting P8. We were thinking of such a great device but the Chinese company again impressed us with the launching of P9 along with the collaboration with renowned camera company Leica.

Huawei P9 just not impressed the world with its specs only, but the most interesting feature of two specially designed 12MP camera of Leica Summarit Lenses which really makes the cell phone awesome. One is RGB and one is monochrome camera P9 is capable of producing brilliant results that are vibrant and crammed with detail.

The Huawei P9 is super-quick to get focus and special thanks to the three different technologies onboard. The monochrome camera is where Huawei P9 really shines. However, it brings some inky richness to a device that costs a fraction of the price of Leica’s.

iPhone SE:


The iPhone SE may be small, but it's proved to be one of Apple's most powerful handsets.


Despite its miniature frame and low price-tag, Apple has constructed a lot of grumble into the iPhone SE. It boasts a lot of resemblance with the larger iPhone 6S. Let's suppose, you'll find the same 64-bit A9 processor and the M9 motion coprocessor, it also offers the same pixel density as the larger display found on the iPhone 6S.


While the 4-inch screen is pretty big a down-size for many, those in the market for a tiny, reasonably priced Smartphone, will struggle to find anything better.

BlackBerry Vienna:


If the rumors are true then blackberry should choose to pull on its own operating system and should focus to shift to Android. This follows the moderate success of blackberry’s first Android handset. Blackberry’s next Smartphone will use Google’s OS and it’s believed the name would be the blackberry Vienna.

The Vienna is rumored to be a more mid-range device than its predecessor. This puts the Classic blackberry keyboard below the display, instead of hiding it under the slider. Assuming that blackberry’s plan to continue growing its share for Android Market. It will be a more affordable Smartphone with loads of benefits.

This is possible to mean the loss of some of the favorite things about the Prix, such as the vast high-res display and superior camera, but these could be fair with a more compact form factor and less pram software.


These are the Smartphone that is worthy because of their enhanced features. Some Smartphone is already launched and some of them are announced to be released in this year. Stay updated and keep reading our articles. It will help you to be aware of every happening in the world. 

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