Compulsory Points that you Must know before Buy Apple iPhone 6 Plus Cover

Compulsory Points that you Must know before Buy Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Before starting this review article I want to show you my previous review content of the topic of Samsung Galaxy Note 5, that was such a outstanding feature article that you must read. Now lets start today post, With the great size of 6.22 inches tall and 3 inches wide screen, the Apple’s new innovation iPhone 6 Plus appears up to its plus-sized title. At the bilk of 6.07 ounces, the iPhone 6 Plus somewhat dominates the 4.55 ounce iPhone 6. In spite of its additional heft, the taller iPhone is just of 0.2 millimeters bulkier than its previous innovation iPhone 6.


More than its thicker size and price, the Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus carefully follows the similar elegant layout and design dialect of the Apple iPhone 6. With the excellent size and easy to handle weight, the Apple iPhone 6 Plus experiences more like a little and dinky tablet than a phone and calmly fills the heavy pockets.

With the latest Apple’s innovation of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus being so analogous, the buying power to choose comes down to its smart and handy size, and that’s a very personal choice.

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Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus’s smart and larger display screen, although, is not anything to carefully manage. It not doubt offers you more and more. The iPhone 6’s Retina HD Display is about 1920 x 1080 pixels in resolution, complete HD Display. At the screen resolution of 401 pixels per inch, it gives significantly additional information on display screen than the previous iPhone 5S and even the iPhone 6 Plus’s predecessor, iPhone 6. Not only just does this form everything on display screen visually appear amazing as well as impressive, but in fact it allows Apple to mix another collection of advantageous big display screen functions to the new iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus also incorporated an amazing iSight camera that is virtually the similar as the previous one integrated in the iPhone 6, but with only compelling distinctness: The bigger smartphones has optical image stabilization (or OIS), which simply means that the camera lens can glide from side to side as you bump around, producing brittle and crusty images and continuous full HD motion video.

Same like the previous iPhone 6, Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus operates on the latest A8 chip (ARM-based, 1.39GHz). The iPhone 6 Plus racked up virtually the similar Geek bench 3 in which 1,599 for single-core chip and 2,876 for multi-core chip. The iPhone 6 Plus has all running apps just similar to a champ and was conceivably the excellent and better iPhone 6 for Bio shock, having mainly to the bigger and lightly higher resolution display screen.

The Apple’s iPhone 6 plus has improved and better LTE plus Wi-Fi (802.11ac) radios than predecessor iPhone series. On the LTE-Wi-Fi side, the strong and exceptional LTE and Wi-Fi signals also offer an excellent browsing experience and even live video-streaming facility.

Moreover, the iPhone 6 Plus has the greatest battery life of its integrated smart battery as compare to previous iPhones series, accordingly. Since it can be said that the Apple’s iPhone 6 plus is a great innovation of Apple with strong, powerful and endless auto focus, speedy disclosure correction, photos and motion videos from both insight cameras looks exceptional.

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