DJI Phantom 3 Standard Helicopter with 3-Axis Gimbal And 12MP HD Camera

With a bright and shiny experience and the commotion of flight aircraft while catching awesome and astonishing Full HD flicks and motion pictures. The DJI Phantom 3 Professional Advanced is now here to show a latest and advanced quadcopter’s generation that highly includes a powerful and potent series of new features and latest technologies for an advanced level of air flight reality. Just reach the heights of skyline and take complete control of your new Phantom 3 Professional from more than 1.2 miles away from the ground. Keep an eye on visual and shoot 1920x1080pxmotion video and take up to 12 megapixel high resolution photographs. With more than 720px at just 30fps live streaming, now you can explore and grab the entire globe with various admirable views, on your own device whether a tablet or smartphone.

The Phantom 3 Professional also includes the world’s best and advanced DJI aircraft flight technology, which really operates in bike with the innate and easy to use handheld remote controller insuring a steady, reliable and am-usable air flight for both knowing and fresh users. Its automatic takeoff feature and automatic landing feature permit you to transfer it to the high skyline again and then bring it back to land with just a simple and smooth button tap. An astute high scope flight battery lasts almost 23 mints, and has built-in high quality sensors to offer you a real time spectacle of battery status.


With its impressionable control poles, devoted buttons, and more than 1.2 mile (2km)* wide range, the customize-able Phantom 3 Professional handheld remote controller offers you a wholly advanced approach to flight in air and connect with the new Phantom 3 Professional. Ergonomically erected to aptaltogether in your handful hands, your remote control provides you the full confidence and assurance to fly in the airby the way you actually want to do. Allowing to happen the amazingly high range and live HD motion video streaming from your handheld or pocket camera, DJI Light bridge is also built into both to remotely control the Phantom 3 Professional itself. These two components operate in wheels to insure a constant association between you and your Phantom 3 Professional. Effective connection signals shares via most inconclusive meddling, providing you clear-cut, full remote control and great information from the flying aircraft at awesome distances.

EASY TO FLY feature

The Phantom 3 Professional appropriates into your ongoing life cycle and makes flight flying awfully instinctive and effortless. From flight takeoff to landing time period, it's entirely under your hands control, reacting to your directed commands while auto handling the most intricate facets of intact, balanced flight. GPS and GLONASS connect to form the Phantom 3 Professional entirely alive of its general location and connection to you. It float overs more exactly, acts more correctly, and bolts onto satellites faster. Through the newest DJI Pilot app, you can keep full track of its appearing location via a live map, and keep track of your takeoff spot so you can take it back to you with just a tap of finger. When flight indoors, down to the land, and in GPS-free fields the Vision Positioning technology helps in reliable and secure flying. Visual and ultrasonic high quality sensors look over the land under your Phantom 3 Professional for various patterns, enabling Phantom 3 to recognize its location and move safely.



With extreme high powerful voltage, more surfing energy, and enhanced power connect to provide you an immensely enhanced flight experience. This improved Intelligent Flight Battery comes with incorporated built-in sensors that allow you know the current status of your Phantom 3 battery in real time, so you see how long you can carry on flying and when it’s exact time to recharge it again.


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