Complete Guide to Sports Photography Cover

Complete Guide to Sports Photography

The world of photojournalism needs a newspaper staffer or freelancer to cover not only the breaking news but as well as general routine assignments like food, fashion, cover different board meetings, OR photographs of any happenings in the community. Different assignments require a different mind-set, but there is nothing demanding as the world of photography.

Always shoot the pitchers and quarterbacks to before the game begins because may be the story of last night begins with it. Talk to the assistant coaches and other substituent players and you may come to know about something that is about to happen. There are lots of ways to tell the story of a sports event. Don’t shoot same pictures over and over. Change the perspective, lens and shutter speed.

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Basic tips to take photographs of sports Action:


To take sports action photographs doesn’t require the latest auto-focus camera and lens. The things only matter is the knowledge of the sport that you are going to capture or shoot. Once the photographer has complete knowledge of the game, he or she will be able to predict the action in this way camera will be pointed in the right direction to capture the vital moments and try to Shoot the scoreboard between each inning or quarterly or after every shot you think is important. This shows the inning, period or the action happened. 

Sports photographer should go to watch a game without a camera walk around, understand the game, actions and get feel for the game. Looking a game through 300mm or 400mm lens, you see just odds and ends.

Football action photos look the same. However, a good photographer who knows the pleasant patterns of the team being covered will be able to guess in some degree of assurance when and where these actions will take place. Try to focus on a player who had a part of determining the course of game or has got injury and shoot the pictures to just read out the expressions of the players through shots. When a ball is hit or passed always focus the player who is making effort to play the ball this could give a fascinating photo.

Be innovative; what you are about shoot:


Off Field actions:

Not all actions happen on the field, conscious while shooting pictures always keep in mind focus on the team crew and head coach when they shout for appreciation or for any offense because a good photographer can describe the half part of the game in one photograph. Once you focus keep the both eyes open and let your side-line vision alert you for the upcoming action.

Best lenses for the Sports photography.


Shooting sports action always requires a fast lens so that you can blur the background with your f-stop selection. The shutter speed should be at least 1000th of second or above to stop the action. You can use different lenses for action photography but I recommend using a 400mm f2.8L, 70-200 2.8L, 85mm f1.2L and a 28-70mm f2.8L on four different camera bodies.

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Let’s talk on an example that can help you;

Today’s basketball players are bigger, stronger, and faster and the best action shots are going to be happening not only beneath the basket, it happens all over the court. You can sit at one end of the square with a 400mm and 70-200mm lenses, this way you can cover action from one end to another.

The rest of the sports like swimming, tennis, wrestling and soccer each one is different with rules and bit difficult to understand. Still you have to take the interesting actions shots and always try to capture a vista which is explaining at least the scenario of a game.

One bonus tip for you that may help you is to talk to the coach before the game starts and ask for the best player of the team who has the chances to win.

Important points to keep in your mind while photographing:

Before going in-depth in this topic i would like to share some questions in a photography field, the questions that every photographers should ask our self before taking a picture. These questions can make your photography more appealing and more story telling. You must read the article for knowing answers of all questions.

  • Listen live commentary of the game while you are working it will give you updates of every single move and that can help you to shoot the every crucial moment of the game. always try to take a picture of a moment that can help you as well as the viewer to understand the whole situation even after years.
  • Take down important note from the commentary and when you talk to a head coach or the head coach assistants writing down the important points will help you to remember the moments that you have to take.
  • Always choose a good shooting position with everything ready beforehand it will help you to take a shot within no time.
  • Use the smallest shutter speed like 1/1000th if possible, to stop the action better.
  • Listen to the conversations going around you before match.
  • Be innovative; what you are about shoot
  • Always check your camera settings once you get free time because actions that are interesting lasts for just second and if you are not ready to take that moment you might have lost the entire story behind the game.
Try to use Manual Focus settings instead of Auto exposure settings it can help you to adjust the settings according to what you are looking to shoot. Using auto exposure settings can result in less quality images that obviously you don’t want it’s just a recommendation to use ME settings after all everything in photography depends on the taste.

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