Essential Tips for Street Photography Cover

Essential Tips for Street Photography

It is a natural desire of every photographer to capture their surroundings. We often find ourselves observing and noticing the interesting details about other people on the street. It is very self conscious process to photograph in public places. This article is based on the essential tips for street photography by reading this article you will be more confident and you will feel comfortable while doing photography in public place.


What is Street photography?

A type of a photography that is done in streets, public places, restaurants or other populate environment. Street photographers frequently focus on everyday lives of strangers relatively than some kind of important event photojournalists are more interested in. While photographing street photographers try to stay unnoticed.

The goal of street photography is to show natural story and subject. Subject and story can be the most important aspects of good street shots. Telling a story through a photograph is the most difficult task when doing street photography. I would like to cote a quotation of a master photographer who explains the vision of street photography in on sentence. The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things in words”

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Be courageous while you are shooting on street:

You might think this part is not essential but once you are on the street for photography things get less comfortable. Some of the people will smile at you or pay no attention which more desirable. But at times, you will find in less than friendly situation. It takes a lot of courage to occupy someone’s place and taking photos of them without permission.

Unless and until you give a reason to be angry, otherwise there is no reason to be angry at you when taking photos of them. It is very important to be friendly and not make your subject angry. Smile at people who notice you and try to look friendly. Make yourself confident and be sure you are not doing anything illegal. In most of the countries street photography is permitted and you will be approached by authorities if you are not doing anything wrong. For example photographing children may get you in trouble because the laws concerning them are very strict.

If you are still not easy and really want to get experience of street photography start doing it with simple situations. You can simply ask for permission to take a photo. Off course this will not give any natural exposure, meanwhile people make interesting subjects even when intentionally posing for your shot. Not in all situations you will find your subject facing you. Take up simple procedures to draw your own attention away from being embarrassed.

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When you don’t want to be noticed:

It gets easier when you learn how to react when you are seen while taking picture. If you have a natural behavior this will attract less attention towards you. Be aware of your surrounding and look at the activities of you subject and notice everything, too. Look at the interesting shapes, colors, posters and other subjects. If you don’t find anything interesting keep moving around. Be quick to capture a photo once you see that the subject unfolds a story. Be sure the camera settings are right before hand so it could save your precious seconds. All that is left at that point is to bring camera to your eye and snap away.

If by a probable chance you get noticed and you don’t feel that smiling is apology. Don’t take the camera off from the eye after you have taken the shot and start photographing things around you. Those people around you on the street are literally afraid of you and pretend like they haven’t seen you as you are photographing them.

Rely on Manual exposure setting:

I prefer to rely on manual exposure setting, when doing street photography. Because whenever you change framing Auto Exposure readjusts the shutter and aperture. Settings chosen by AE totally depend on the light and dark within the frame. It is totally dependent on the taste, but I find manual exposure work quicker than auto exposure.

You will choose a quick shutter speed to stop movement. During day –time it is not a big problem but as soon as the light level starts to diminish it would be very important to chose a higher ISO value.

Capture something, telling a story:


Always try to find an interesting picture which is telling some story. Don’t waste the time by clicking every stranger you meet because doing so means you are going to lose something that really worth your attention. Try to capture the more interesting subject Try finding a good surroundings for your images, look for interesting light to underline your subject, possibly take apart it from the rest of the world around. 

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