5 Guidelines you must know before buying a DSLR Camera Cover

5 Guidelines you must know before buying a DSLR Camera

Now-a-days cameras are bit essential part of daily life specially for everyone because whenever you’re traveling or attending any event either it is in your family or in your school you always want to capture that moments to keep them alive. So, if you want to shoot some videos and pictures and want to make them your memories you must buy a camera.

Lot of people use to buy a camera and even they don’t have single information about it. These 5 concepts are basically the guidelines before you buy a digital camera.


In my previous articles I have written complete reviews of different cameras which you can also read to get more information about cameras and if you decide to buy a camera online you can also visit our website and I’m pretty sure that you’ll find unbeatable rates and services especially for cameras. So let’s move on and read out the fundamental concepts.

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#1. Type of Photography:


Before buying a camera you should know whether you are buying it for some specific photography that you practice or you just want it to for random shooting and just want to click some moments of your life like parties, weddings or school events. The type of photography greatly affects the type of camera to use for the purpose. Let’s suppose the idea of wedding photography; a photographer may be required to shoot videos as well. Handling an extra HD video camera would just increase the volume and disturbance. It would be sensible to use a DSLR that supports HD video recording.

 #2. Weight of a Camera:


Another big concern to be taken is the weight of the camera, including all the accessories. If you are a wedding photographer or a street photographer, you may have an assistant carrying the accessories thus weight would not be a big issue.

Though, if you are a photojournalist, you will be on the move continuously. Carrying massive items would not be the clever so be on the safe side and buy a light weight DSLR Canon EOS 70D it is relatively lighter than other DSLR Bodies.

On the other hand, if you just shoot family occasions and you take a lot of images every day, do you think you really need a DSLR? I would rather spend on compact camera like Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX1R 24.3MP Compact Camera etc than spending on an expensive DSLR because the only purpose of my camera is to take photographs of family events, and snapshots as I go out with family, friends and others.

#3. Professional Photographers:


Is that necessary to have a DSLR, if you are a professional camera?

The answer would be no because being a professional requires you to have equipment worthy of the task at hand. If you are a professional photographer it is not compulsory that can only work on the DSLR. In fact, many professionals still have confidence on point and shoot cameras and shoot brilliant photos.

What? If you are a beginner and you just started practicing photography do you need a DSLR? The answer is still NO.

I would suggest you to buy a point and shoot camera and do practice on it for approximately 1-2 years. Once you think you have a complete grip on a compact camera then move to an Ultra Zoom camera (UZ) and once you feel comfortable using UZ camera and believe that you have reached the professional level of an UZ camera then you can buy a starter level DSLR like D600 it is a professional camera but it would be good for a beginner you can read the reviews of D610 from my previous post.

If you think you are now a professional then you can move on and buy a full-frame sensor DSLR camera to learn more about DSLR you can read out the reviews from previous posts on our blog.

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 #4. Protection of DSLR:


 Buying a DSLR is not eating a piece of cake. It needs you maximum dedication and care as a new born baby needs. You don’t have to play with it and always make sure that your DSLR is in a perfect condition. As the normal point and shoot camera DSLR is not made just to stand and shoot photos. Every time you shoot photos make sure that the lens and the sensor is cleaned. So, when you shoot a picture there is absolutely no dust on both of the items and this will allow you to take quality images.

How exactly you can take care of a DSLR? The answer is, you buy a sensor service kit just invest little for lifetime profit. Once you have a cleaning kit you will be able to clean to every counterpart of your DSLR including sensor lens, viewfinder lens and etc. It is very important to remove the every single speck of dust from the lens- they can result in scratching the sensor and lens, this can result in them useless unless you like the extra decor of the images.

Dust in the viewfinder lens will be visible to you and is not that much dangerous but it is wise to clean it out instead of facing any risk.

#5. Budget to buy a DSLR:

This is the main concern that determines whether you should buy a DSLR or not. The first thing is that you should plan budget including camera, lens and its counterparts (if any) and then decide which camera comes in you range.


Once you have a list of the potential cameras of your budget range, you can simply visit our previous reviews on DSLR cameras and get incomparable rates. Keep this thing in your mind that you have to buy the best camera that’s in your budget and don’t compromise on saving a single penny because you only have to invest for the onetime which will be your lifetime investment in your photography.

Let’s say you have a budget smaller than £400 so it will be wiser that you buy a Point and shoot camera/compact camera instead of DSLR. Keep the interest of your photography in mind.

Suppose there is wedding ceremony or a school event or anything like that and you are looking to buy a DSLR I would rather recommend you to buy a point and shoot camera and save you money for a DSLR.

Remember that having an DSLR is an expensive hobby because as I mentioned earlier that you need to take care of a DSLR as a new born baby so if you are buying a DSLR just for the sake of your hobby then I would say you should have enough budget for that or you should take care the DSLR and give you maximum attention while using it.

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