Beginners Guide to Understand How to Deal with Digital Cameras

Syed Naseer

There is no shortage of digital cameras nowadays. But beginners in photography are always confused to make a decision of the right camera. This article is specially written for the beginners so that they can understand which camera is right for them. Standard Compact: Small light and fairly cheap, standard compact cameras are usually the basic entry level cameras in the digital photography lineup. Normally they are fully automatic but some of the cameras do have the manual exposure option.   They normally have a zoom lens 4-10x which folds into the camera with a built-in flash and an LCD on the back of the camera with no eye viewfinder. They are also cheap in price like they start from...

Zoom Lens VS Prime Lens – which one is the best?

Syed Naseer

In recent years, zoom lenses have won the hearts of many working professional photographers as the most obvious and versatile choice. It has the latest image sensor producing great image quality even if the ISO is extremely high. This makes the sense why people have been leaning toward the convenience of a zoom lens. Some of the pro-grade lenses offer image quality that matches and even beat prime lens at the same focal length. Some of the manufacturers like Nikon and Canon are rapidly updating their lens variety with new and better choices. Most of the third-party like Sigma has also participated in manufacturing of zoom lenses. What is Prime Lens? A lens with a fixed focal length means the...

Why you must use Filters on your Lenses

Syed Naseer

The first experience of every photographer is when they are suggested to buy a UV or Skylight filter to protect their lens. Most of the beginners lately find the benefits of using filters available to them. Once you have decided to add filters to your bag numerous of choices like company, quality, material, type and etc that are available for you. The first thing you will find is to have the cheapest filter. But that is not right; always buy a good quality lens filter that will save your lens for long period because it is easy to change filter then buying a new lens. Cheaper Filters usually have an aluminum ring. It is more easily dented and can be...

Beginners Guide to ISO, Aperture and Shutter

Syed Naseer

It is difficult to take good photographs if you don’t understand ISO, Aperture and Shutter. These three things are the major settings of photography which is also called Triangle Exposure. However, latest DSLR’s have auto modes that select the right shutter speed, aperture and even ISO for your exposure. In many cases, camera has to guess what the right exposure should be by evaluating the amount of light passes through the lens. Simply if a photographer has learned how to play together with these settings, photographer can take charge of the situation by manually controlling the camera. Let’s just have an overview on: ISO:  ISO is the level of sensitivity of your camera to available light. The lower the ISO...

5 Things You Need to Check After You Buy a Lens

Syed Naseer

So you have just received a lens for which you were waiting. First thing you should do is to check the mount of a lens and take some sample pictures. But before do so, it may be a good idea to do couple of things that will keep your camera gear clean and will also decrease you frustration level if the lens is defective. The list given below is the things that every photographer do after receiving a lens. Examine the lens: Most of the time, you will purchase a brand new lens. However, there are cases when some retailers will try to sell a used lens as brand new. The first thing you should do to examine the lens...


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