Dyson AM04 Hot Heater Genuine Table Fan Cover

Dyson AM04 Hot Heater Genuine Table Fan

Dyson AM04 Hot Heater Genuine Table Fan Silver offers the fastest entire room space heating in cold winter and smooth, cool air in hot summer. By the use of monopolize Air Multiplier advanced technology, surrounding air is drawn in and heightened, producing strong and powerful airflow to chill you adequately in hot summer. In winter, drawn-in air is warmed over PTC ceramic plates before being thrown forward, determining explicit heat all around the room. Protection features contain tip-over automated cut out and no apparent heating aspects. No inelegant grilles or blades also form it simple to clear. The Dyson AM04 Heater offers complete control, with a remote control for accurate hotness as well as coldness and airflow adjustment, fluctuation and touch tilt. Remote control is arched and lured to store aptly on the machine when it’s not using. The target temperature can be chosen to the degree between 32°F and 99°F and the astute thermostat holds it there. The Dyson AM04 Hot and Cool fan heater fluctuates evenly to allocate heat smoothly across the entire room. It also revolves on its own center of gravity, lasting put without having to be fastened, managing airflow where you wish it for personal heating or cooling. Appropriate for both cramped and larger rooms, the Dyson AM04 Hot and Cool Heater comes with a 2 years warranty, parts and also labor fully guaranteed by Dyson.


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Dyson AM04 Hot + Cool Fan Heater with Air Multiplier Technology

Many traditional fan heaters cannot heat an entire room rapidly because they use twisting blades motorized by feeble motors to allocate the air. The Dyson AM04 Hot and Cool fan heater does have twisting blades. Rather it uses Air Multiplier technology to amplify surrounding air by 6 times and undertaking heat further. The machine fluctuates evenly to allocate heat across the entire room. In the summer the Dyson AM04 Hot and Cool fan heater is an efficient and powerful cooling fan. Extreme velocity airflow chills you with a continuous flow of even air. Because there are no twisting blades or apparent heating aspects, there is no need for a protection grills and it’s quiet simple to clean. The whole machine carves automatically if knocked over.

Dyson AM04 Hot and Cool Heater Fan is available in Silver color.

Patented Dyson Technology

The engineers of Dyson are continually testing and thinking up, attempting to discover advanced methods to form their technology work better. As they work, they file conspicuous applications to keep safe their inventions.

How AM04 Works:

  • More than 5.29 gallons of air are drawn in per second by a power effective brush less motor. A combo of the latest technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines produces a strong flow of air.
  • Airflow is sped up via a round aperture. It passes over an 8 degree airfoil-shaped slope, which directs its direction. When being utilized as a fan heater, ceramic plates warmth the air.
  • Air behind the Dyson AM04 Air Multiplier heater fan is drawn into the airflow, via a procedure, which is called inducement.
  • Warmth Air around the Dyson machine is also drawn into the airflow, via a procedure is called entertainment, amplifying it by more than 6 times. The resulting airflow is easy, simple and constant, with no bad battering.

AM04 Hot + Cool Fan Heater Features:

Smooth airflow

The blades on traditional fans cause nasty battering because they cleave the air.Air Multiplier technology produces a continuing flow of smooth air.

Long range heat

The Dyson AMO4 Hot and Cool fan heater utilizes an adequate motor and Air Multiplier technology to undertake heat all over the room. The machine fluctuates 70 degrees to allocate heat across the entire room.

Powerful Cooling

Traditional fan heaters often demand to be productive cool air fans as well. But many have below airflow and velocity, so they are not. Air Multiplier technology produces extreme airflow and velocity, cooling adequately with a continuing flow of smooth air.

No worrying unpleasant smell

Dirt that accumulates on the heating aspects of some fan heaters heat when their temperature surpasses 752° F. The Dyson AM04 Hot and Cool fan heater has features that never surpasses 392° F, so there is no any kind of unpleasant smell. Dyson AM04 is freely calling up all AM04 heater due to a possible protection issue. There have been no other instances of burns or any kind of property damage, but the ultimate protection is Dyson’s first priority. Therefore, it is recalling all machines and enforcing a protective engineering resolve in each one.

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