Canon EOS 6D EF Digital SLR + 24-105mm f/4L USM

The Canon EOS 6D EF Digital SLR + 24-105mm f/4L USM Lens from TRD Electronics integrates the flexible full-frame DSLR camera, broad-angle to likeness-length zoom camera lens, and a roomy and huge collection of valuable accessories to counterpart recording HD motion pictures with the Canon EOS 6D. The motion video kit contains a 32 Gigabytes SDHC Class 10 UHS-I SD card, two additional rechargeable batteries manufactured with lithium-ion, also includes a Rode VideoMic Pro Compact Microphone, a jostle support rig, and a knapsack for transferring all of the video kit elements.

The Canon EOS 6D EF characteristics a full-frame 20.2 megapixel CMOS camera sensor and DIGIC 5+ image processor to generate an influential photo quality with conspicuous dim-light subtlety to an extended ISO 102400. The microprocessor also allows a worth of high rate all over the Canon camera system, containing complete HD 1080p motion video recording at 30 fps with an extended capturing rate more than 4.5 fps in complete HD resolution. The Canon EOS 6D handles an 11-point great auto focus system, with one middle cross-type speck, to hastily and exactly achieve auto focus and an iFCL 63-zone two-fold layer gauge camera sensor uses the full AF system as well as brightness and luminosity values to conclude accurate disclosure readings. A 3.0" 1,040k-dot LCD monitor is applicable for bright, transparent live view controlling, photo playback, and slightly menu navigation for applying a presenter of photos modes as well as for applying built-in Wi-Fi service and latest GPS technologies.

Also incorporated with this video kit is Canon's EOS 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens, which offers an advantageous wide range of focal diameter to uniform running in a broad assortment of situations. It characterizes Image Stabilizer Technology for underrating the debut of Canon EF camera quiver by more than three blocks and is composed with one Super-UD glass component and three aspherical components for shortened flashy oddities and great overall photo brightness. A ring-kind USM AF motor is also incorporated into the camera lens' layout to offer fast and reticent concentrating performance that also helps full-time human capturing and focusing abilities for accurate tuning auto focus for choosy focus functions.


Camera’s Point Autofocus System

The Canon 6D EF incorporates a great 11-point AF system for speedy and clear-cut capturing indifferent of subject element or active situation. These 11 point Auto focus System offer an even inclusion across the full frame while a classier middle cross-type point with EV-3 subtlety offers more adequate, precise dim-light camera focusing. One-shot AF system, and AI Focus AF system are all accessible relying upon on one's demands, and in addition the AI Servo mode system is modifiable in addition to camera focus tracking system, timing, and downtrend sensitivities, as well as first or second picture arrangement adjustments. The data on lens can also be filed and modified within the EOS camera for higher focus clarification when operating with broad-angle or telephoto camera lenses.


Canon EF 63-Zone Two-fold Layer Metering Sensor

An astute gauge system operates in combo with the camera auto focus system and freely considers focus, its color, and luminosity within the arena for the most actual disclosure settings possible. The 63 zones wrap the whole picture arena with high description and the two-fold layer design allows a broader sensitivity to distinct wavelengths of camera focus light.

The two-fold layers are divided into a red or green medium and a blue or green medium; which counteract the red focus light sensitivity bigotry electronic sensors innately have. A range of algorithms are used to integrate data generated from dual layers, with the developing disclosure reading being acutely precise indifferent of the capturing conditions.


Efficient Design

The Canon EOS 6D incorporates a huge number of full-frame sensor within a solid sized body structure for higher durability without giving up picture quality. The whole structure depicts a solid aluminum alloy and splendid poly carbonate frames with magnesium poly carbonate paste outdoor for portability, as well as a camera shutter estimated more than 100,000 cycles.

Also providing to the excellent efficiency of layout, an Integrated Cleaning System allows in-house grime elimination. To reverse the features of grime internally, the glass filter is properly washed via ultrasonic vibration and the grime elements are gathered by an adsorbent. This whole is entirely closed from extrinsic impurities, and the ocular low-pass filter includes an anti-grime fluorine covering for peace in extracting more ample grime flecks.

Other Features

The Canon EF camera strongly compatible with SD, SDHC, and also SDXC, involving Ultra High Speed, SD cards.

It also features peripheral brightness, colorful oddity, and deformity adjustments are applicable and programmable via a series of distinct available Canon EF lenses. This lens data is primarily utilized to automatically accurate for each distinctive lens' attributes to generate the uncluttered picture possible.

In EF camera crude processing and JPEG re-sizing are possible to permit for accelerated discharging of metaphors that is directly reading for the procedure in which you contemplate to allot it.

Its approaching playback permits you to see two photos side-by-side in order to accelerate editing methods on the Canon camera's LCD

Mum capturing is a low-vibration capturing mode that delays and mums the camera shutter and also mirror reflex, allowing a more distinct procedure of shooting imagery.

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