ASUS Intel Core i7 Transformer TP550LA Review Cover

ASUS Intel Core i7 Transformer TP550LA Review

The ASUS Intel Core i7 TP550LA-CJ100H came with smart and elegant laptop layout, but it doesn’t hold back any turf. The bottom half portion of the Intel system is purely comprised of metallic silver with a dark black Scratch-tile console, and the upper half portion of the system is quite darker, a gleaming bezel around the whole display arena and a dark murky brushed motif on the top covering.


ASUS Intel Core i7 operates a bit of an optical delusion in order to form the ASUS Transformer Book Flip seem to be slenderize and smart, the metallic silver covering around the 20mm dense base stops after just 9mm and provides an approach to clear black plastic that angles away, almost invisible from vision.

The ASUS Intel Core i7 Transformer is almost 2.6 kg bulky than the contest, its duo rivals knock over the scales at 2.4 kg and 2.1 kg.

The ASUS Intel Core i7 Flip’s thickness and heaviness mean it’s naive to the typical amalgam situations. ASUS Intel Core i7 evaluates that this gadget operates sufficiently in tab mode, but it’s only actually appropriate in valid circumstances, it’s good for holding up to watch television, for utilizing on a counter or for seated on the couch, but it’s too bulky to grip adequately in one or dual hands for drawn-out distance of time.

In spite of the big-league frame, the ASUS Intel Core i7 Transformer Flip’s manufacturing quality is contradictory. The right-hand point of view of the wrist-rest and console bend far so much, but the left-hand side more sturdy. The base is adamant and the pivot is solid, but the top covering is a combined bag, it doesn’t bend too much from one side to other side, but only borderline squeeze on the end saw the desktop stagger.

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The ASUS Intel Core i7 Transformer Flip is much thicker and bulky than its opposing parties. The single band 802.11n wireless counterparts the HP’s wireless contribution but it stays depressing, most laptops, containing the inexpensive Toshiba, now have two-fold band 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

The ASUS Intel Core i7 Flip’s 38Wh high battery lasted for just more than five hours in our approved durability gauge, which sets up the display at 40% sharpness while imitating web surfing and video chat.

That conclusion couldn’t keep up with other amalgams. HP’s 15.6 inches core system maintained about ninety minutes more than the ASUS Intel Core i7, and the low-cost Toshiba lasted for just forty minutes more than the ASUS Flip.

Charging time of the ASUS Flip for thirty minutes get back to 29% of its charging battery, which is quite enough for 1 hour and 19mins of total usage at 40% display sharpness. That’s still not as fine as the cheaper Toshiba. The console’s chiffon base didn’t affect the typing process, it’s fine, with nasty keys that hit down with enough thickness to get somber work done. The entire layout of ASUS is too much fine, too, with big keys and a keyboard.

The ASUS Flip has the common 1366 x 768 display screen. That’s always depressing across a 15.6 inches panel, as it confines the work rate and work capabilities of the display screen, but it combines the ASUS’ rivals, both include the similar resolution.

The ASUS Intel Core i7 smart display screen can be optimized and modified with a handful and handy style of desktop display screen modes. The ASUS Intel core i7 Flip’s panel is totally set to Vivid by default, but the Normal or Theatre display modes did meager and little bit to influence. Both enhanced and improved brightness slightly and both made solid and great enhancements to the Delta E, but the overall complete after effects are quite saddened, normal mode came into view a quiet little distinct, and the screen Theatre option provided the display screen a pale lighter covering or cast.

The ASUS Intel Core i7’s equipped speakers are particularly listenable and adorable. The speakers have bass drums which no doubt, have surprising jabs, and the mid-series and high quality end are completely well-balanced – neither controls, and neither give sounds too metallic. The dearth of growling bass notes is a contradiction, but we would use these if earphones or external audio kit was not readily available.

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